Are you familiar with The Pigeonhole Book Club?

The Pigeonhole – The book club in your pocket

It’s no secret that anything book related will grab my attention so when I came across this website/book club, I couldn’t resist to sign up. Not that I need any more sources of books šŸ˜‚ My bookcase is overloaded, my kindle’s memory is slowly but surely filling up, I admitedly requested more books from Netgalley I have time to read šŸ™„ and yet I just couldn’t help myself šŸ™ˆ


The Pigeonhole has been launched in 2014 and somehow it has been hiding from me until now. šŸ¤” It’s online book club where you can read books at your leisure, create your private clubs, invite your friends and comment along while reading. You can join competition to gain access to read newly released books.

There are two things about this concept that I absolutely love:

Books are not released to you at once – The books are all split into ‘staves’ and each day you get one to read. I didn’t know whether I would really like that but it actually works pretty well. You read one stave, discuss your thoughts and opinions on it with others (if you want) and get chance to let it settle in your mind before another day and another stave becomes available. I know I read a lot of books sometimes too fast and missed out on some details, this way you get chance to absorb every detail or just rewind if you want to without any pressure of reading ahead to find out more.

Tag and chat along the way You get to tag parts and discuss them with others reading the book with you. Comment on characters behavior, on author’s writing, discuss possible outcomes or your suspicions. It definitely feels just like a book club and a lot more interactive than just discussing book afterwards.


I’ve only been using it few days (I’m currently on 5th stave of my first book) and it’s not faultless but if you are willing to try, it might work for you. It’s free so you don’t have much to lose either.

You can sign up on their website: or download an app from Google play or an App Store.

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