Book Review: Still Me by Jojo Moyes

*THIS IS BOOK 3 IN SERIES AND THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ ME BEFORE YOU AND AFTER YOU* Published: 30/01/2018 475 pages Format: Kindle Louisa Clark arrives in New York ready to start a new life, confident that she can embrace this new adventure and keep her relationship with Ambulance Sam... Continue Reading →


What #amreading ?

I think every bookworm, like myself, has or will have at some point that one name, character, thing, just anything, they will automatically relate to certain book. For me it's a bumblebee (bee)! It will always and forever remind me of one book character. Everytime I see something BEE related, picture, accessories, clothing item (yes,... Continue Reading →

Why do we bother? ‘Amazon fail’

That day you realise that you voice or opinion doesn't matter anymore! I think most of us heard by now about Amazon 'playing their own game' and removing customer reviews and using their poor review policy to back it up! So today I've read an article that opened my eyes even more to the dirty... Continue Reading →

Blast from the past

That feeling one picture can give you, memory you forgot you had. Mostly just seeing cassette tapes, floppy disks or anything technical throws me right back into those times when I used to use them or seen them last. Sometimes it's just a smell you haven't smelt for years or piece of music that hasn't... Continue Reading →

C’mon! Put on your positive pants!

Suffocating with all the negativity around me at the moment! We all love occasional moan or rant and I'm no different but I learnt over time that with big fat grin on your face and happy attitude, world is a lot brighter place! I wake up every morning and welcome every day with a smile.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Crossing Lex by Debby Caruso

Published: 02/08/2017 739 pages Format: KindleIt’s 1999 and Danielle is living the dream: working in New York City, creating a brand-new life for herself, and looking for romance. On the cusp of finding just what she’s always dreamed of, memories of past trauma threaten to interfere with what may be the love story of a... Continue Reading →

#CoverReveal An Artisan Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson @Kiltiejackson @RaRaResources

Exciting news, #coverreveal day today for #anartisanlovestyle by @KiltieJackson #beautiful

Emma The Little Bookworm

 I am over the moon to be taking part in the cover reveal for Kiltie Jackson’s latest novel, An Artisan Lovestyle!

Before you see the cover though, here’s the blurb …

Are you ‘living’ your life or just living your life?

Elsa Clairmont was widowed barely five years after marrying her childhood sweetheart. She has struggled to come to terms with the loss and, six years later, has almost ceased to live herself. She does just enough to get by.

Danny Delaney is the ultimate ‘Mr Nice Guy’. He’s kind, caring and sweet. A talented artist in his teens, his abusive mother ruined his career in art and he turned his back on his exceptional gift. Now, he does just enough to get by.

On New Year’s Eve, both Danny and Elsa die in unrelated accidents.

Thanks to some poker playing shenanigans, Elsa’s husband Harry, and Danny’s old Art…

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