About me

Hi dear readers and followers!

My main reason to create this blog/book review site was to give something back to authors who spend anything between months to years creating their unique work.

As an avid reader, I really appreciate all the work that goes into writing books. I can hardly even imagine how many days, hours, how many discarded notebooks or deleted pages it took to create books that then take us for a journey and let us experience a story that only an author had in mind.

In time of social media taking over the people lives and all world evolving online, reviews are one of the tools that can help authors to get noticed, help their visibility and sales and to spread their stories worldwide.

And if this blog helps readers to pick some of the books I loved and enjoyed, maybe books they never heard of or would never buy and enjoy them as much as I did, then this place and my time given to it, really serves its purpose.

Happy reading!