Review Surfing – Think Before You Speak

Some reviews I read out there drive me crazy!

I’m not a writer, an author. I’m ‘just’ a reader and I read a lot. I review all books I read and I review most of the products I buy online all the same.

I think many of us rely on reviews before we make a decision to buy something and books are not different.

I’m more ‘check the rating’ before you buy type of girl but like to indulge in reading other reviews once I read the book (mostly out of fear of spoilers, which is another thing that drives me crazy when review full of spoilers is left for all of us to see, without any warning).

What makes me totally and unstop-ably furious and twists my knickers all the wrong way are reviews of books which not only weren’t finished but were given up on right at the beginning.

Today I wrote couple of short reviews of books I really enjoyed, so I might be biased and feel a bit too strongly about this but this was one of the reviews (the only 1 star review so far) left on Amazon for this book.


I am very glad we all have the right to express our opinion freely, so I hope no one will take this the wrong way, but why, just why someone feels that calling a book rubbish after reading the first chapter is acceptable form of review to be left.

Alright you didn’t enjoy the writing and it’s fair to say we all enjoy different things, hence why there is so many different authors, genres we can pick from to satisfy our reading cravings.

Yes, you have right to leave a negative feedback if you don’t like something but surely it deserves a little bit of thought and better wording than this!

So people, reviewers out there…Think before you speak. There is always better way to express your opinion whether it’s positive or negative so you don’t end up looking like ignorant, not helpful idiot, judging product you haven’t had chance to experience.

Now I’m off to do some breathing exercises.

2 thoughts on “Review Surfing – Think Before You Speak

  1. I agree totally. I get angry at people who leave one-star reviews when they haven’t even purchased the book including the following one-star review because they thought the cost of the book was too high. Seriously? Read the book!!! My two cents…

    “I have not read the book because I have not purchased it! Why, because as a debate novel for a first time author, I do not consider a price of $9.78 to be very reasonable!!! I want new Authors to succeed and provide a living for themselves and theirs but I believe that this price for a first time published Novel is a bit too much (even more so for established Authors who peddle crap at high prices because of an established name).”


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