Book Review: The Carrero Heart – Happy Ever Afters by L.T.Marshall

*Please note this review will contain spoilers if you haven’t read previous books of this series*

SOPHIE HUNTSBERGER and ARRICK CARRERO start their new life together in France, where Sophie hopes to follow her dream and finish her term in the Paris Fashion Academy.

Everything seems too good to be true and a happy ever after is clearly on the cards. Or is it?

Unforeseen long separations and being cut off from family and friends half way across the world all take a toll.

And that’s on top of the conflicts Sophie is facing from fellow students who see her as a threat.

While the threads unravel faster than Sophie can sew them back up, life takes a drastic turn – and Sophie and Arrick’s love faces a critical test.

This is the final instalment of the Sophie and Arrick story. Is it the end? Or is it happy ever after?

You’ll be holding your breath to the very last page.


When you don’t think it can get any better, L.T. Marshall throws you back into the whirlpool of emotions… again.

I must admit, after reading last two books following a story of Arrick and Sophie, I was quite content with the ending of the book 5, letting them move to Paris and get on with the new chapter of their lives. I wasn’t sure another book covering their love story was needed but I am so glad I was wrong. There was so much more to be told about their relationship, about journey they need to go through. Journey that can mold them into one even more or shatter them into tiny pieces no one will ever manage to put together again.

giphy (1)

Arrick and Sophie, two puzzle pieces that fit so well together, love that can overcome impossible obstructions had to again go through challenging times. Neither of them is enjoying their time in Paris as they both expected, it’s a lot harder and they spent less time together month by month. The gap between two souls is expanding and when life throws at them the biggest challenge they had to face yet, their life starts falling apart. In times they should stick together more and just hold on tight to each other for support, they fail to be even each others company. They both have to find the way back to who they were and what they mean to each other and it’s not easy when grief clouds their minds and breaks their hearts.

There were many things I absolutely loved about this book but the biggest would be the character development, which was so needed. Both Arrick and Sophie has gone through amazing transformation and I am so glad that they managed to ‘grow up’ together in this book and not grow apart. Without a doubt Sophie was driving me insane at parts with her mood swings and childish behaviour, but then I took a step back and thought. This girl is 21, without any real relationship experience, has been cared for by her family or Arrick for past 8 years and got away with a lot. Of course she is acting spoilt or childish. Stuff she had to deal with in past and things happening to her now are a lot to deal with even for someone much older, so I forgave her and understood her strops and moods a lot better. Arrick being the strong support to her for all those years has finally shown he also has his faults, his weaknesses and I am so glad it came through in this book. He started to seem a lot more real and not so perfect, although we know he is pretty much a dream man for every girl or woman out there! Shame that he’s taken 😉

I found it amazing how yet again I could so easily connect to characters and their feelings. Thankfully I have never had to deal with anything even remotely so difficult as Arrick and Sophie but I could literally just feel what they felt by reading the words and at one point cried like a baby from relief, happiness, sadness, all mixed emotions.


There was quite a few heart stopping moments but one simple moment in this book totally got me and I had to take a break and just cry myself out. But then I didn’t expect anything less from L.T.Marshall, after all her books do come with a warning.

So all in all, massive congratulations to publishing yet another brilliant book and I will just keep recommending these series to everyone as usual 😍

If you have read as far as this you are probably already invested in this series and fell into Carrero rabbit hole but if you didn’t, go on, give it a try, it only takes that one book and you can join us at Carrero anonymous 🤣 Dreaming about hot Italian hunks and fighting in hashtag wars over who is better #teamjake or #teamarry

We are friendly bunch and love to share our Carrero love so if you are not with us just yet, come over as soon as you are hooked, we will be waiting for you.


My review of previous books of this series can be found here.

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